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Our Team.

Committed to Excellence & Happiness

Here at StepForte, we understand that change is not always easy. We have been helping people make career transitions since 1997, in order to be happy! Our many years of experience have taught us that if we don't do what we love, that it's not worth it!

We specialize in helping international and immigrant job candidates, recent college graduates, as well as those who are looking to change things up mid-career. 

Our amazing team of experts, is ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future; while having fun! Give us a call today to see how far you really can go! 

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Our Goals

✔︎ Change the world for the better - one job at a time
✔︎ Help as many people as possible
✔︎ Create and Share a system for finding a job or a career that really works
✔︎ Keep it simple, user-friendly and affordable 
✔︎ Allow for peer-sharing and accountability 


This is Dave.

He Knows How the “System” Works

Passion & Compassion

David Nojaim is the founder of Step Forte and the Step Forte Method®. He started this company because he loves to show people how to find their next job - and how they can build a fulfilling career.  Dave has always had a passion for helping people. 



For the past 30 years Dave has lived with a foot in two worlds.  Dave is a teacher, a business owner, a coach and recruiter...and not necessarily in that order.  He really knows, first-hand, how the hiring process works. 


Industry Knowledge – An “Insider”

His experience as a recruiter, a hiring manager and as a business owner - has taught him to understand (in great detail) – the methodology for getting you noticed by the HR team or recruiter.  Dave knows what goes on behind the “wizard’s curtain” (e.g., Application Tracking Systems or ATSs) and how to think like an actual hiring manager, because... he was that person. In his career Dave has literally interviewed and screened 10s of thousands of candidates.   


Facilitator & Coach

As a long-time teacher, trainer and coach – Dave has the ability to break complex concepts into simple, easy to follow steps. His goal is to ensure that his client-students succeed every time.  He has developed an easy to follow 7 Step Program (Step Forte Method®). 


Connector & Networker

Sometimes it is not about what you know.  It is about WHO you know...and HOW you know them.  When you work with Step Forte, you will gain an INSTANT NETWORK of hiring managers, recruiters, and HR pros. With 20+ years in the business...Dave knows a lot of key people.  He will teach you how to leverage your network (and his) so that you will land that next great opportunity.

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International & Multicultural

Dave is multilingual, and multicultural.  He is an avid traveler and adventurer.  He has lived and worked in Spain, Mexico, Germany and Iceland – as well as traveled to several continents.  His grandfather came from Lebanon, and was an immigrant to the United States. Dave truly understands the pressures and hardships that immigrants face when they are searching for job opportunities in a new country.  He has helped countless legal immigrants (OPT, TN Visa, H1b) navigate the job-finding process in the US to land their dream job.  He created the American Way Package to help these international candidates succeed.

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