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Blog Series: Interview Tricks from People Who Know WHAT WORKS

So you've landed an interview... now what? How should you prepare?

Here are a few steps to get you started. (more to come in future blog posts!)

Let's start with the basics...

Step#1 – Your Story

Introduction – Your Elevator Pitch

Remember to talk about (include):

  • Quantity

  • Quality

  • Scope

  • Sequence

  • Specific Technology & Certs

Step #2 – The Bridge (Trust)

Connections / Networks – Building Trust


  • LinkedIn

  • Google

  • Company Website

  • Social Media

  • Glassdoor + Job Websites

And More Research!

  • Know the Company

  • Know Their People

  • LinkedIn

  • Professional Networks

  • User Groups

Leverage Trust

  • Direct Connections

  • Indirect Connections

  • Networking by “Proximity”

Step #3 – Your Mantras

Use Words and Expressions Like:

  • “I love what I am doing now... AND (not but)... ”

  • “My passion is X and ...”

  • “I am truly a champion of X, Y, Z ...”

  • “On my own, I have been studying / preparing for Y”

  • “I am in the process of Z”

NEVER (and we mean NEVER) speak negatively of a past employer / employee

(no matter how tempting it is... or how much they may deserve it)

Steps 4-6 coming soon!



We Are Committed to Excellence & Your Success

Here at StepForte, we understand that change is not always easy. We have been helping people make career transitions since 1997. Our many years of experience have taught us that we should do what we love - and our passion is finding you your next career opportunity.

We specialize in helping those candidates who are frustrated by the job application process. If you have applied for numerous opportunities on-line, only to be rejected by a machine-generated (AI) response - or just plain “ghosted” by an HR professional or a recruiter...then our program is for you.