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On the Bright Side : -) ... At Least My Dog is Happy!

I try to be an optimist – and in general - a positive person. I have been thinking how I can best use my talents and knowledge to help others, while I am stuck at home with a fraction of the work that normally sits upon my desktop.

Here’s what I came up with...

1) Post free stuff (videos, resume templates, LinkedIn articles) that will help people to be prepared for the future. Once the whistle blows – and the career game starts again, you will NEED to be ready. So why not start NOW – like TODAY?!

2) Develop a system to help people – help themselves. In this case – soon you will be able to tune into my new website ( to learn how to do things like…build or improve your resume…optimize your job-search…and…redesign your career goals.

3) Walk my dog more. He is always happy to see me, and to catch a stick. My boy, Ody (dog’s name) does not get sad when the economy tanks. This helps to keep my spirits positive, and our bodies healthy. (BTW…I live near the country so we are definitely practicing social distancing when we walk). You can also…walk with your cat, your wife, your kids, and others (driving separately, and keeping a safe distance). Just get outside every day.

More from Ody and me…soon; so stay tuned and stay positive! Step forte (bravely) into your future.

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