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Stay on the “Nice” List - Think Twice Before You “Ghost” that Interview

Working with a recruiter on a job opportunity? Don’t burn your bridges with an interview no-show.

It’s understandable…sometimes, after accepting an interview, you end up changing your mind. Maybe you learned something about the company or position and you are no longer interested, or you end up accepting an alternate position before the day arrives.

However, there are consequences if you’re tempted to avoid the cancelation call & not show up or “ghost” the interview. If you’re thinking about pulling a no-show, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Here are some things that could result:

  • This isn’t something that the hiring manager or recruiter will overlook, and they may never forget:

    • The recruiter - is an actual human (not a bot!) who is spending their time (sometimes many unpaid hours) to help you find your next opportunity.

    • That same recruiter goes out of their way to be accommodating to you, recognizing that you too have a busy schedule and a life to live.

    • The recruiter was helpful, clear and specific about setting expectations – and then spelled out all the details of the opportunity (e.g., company name, compensation, the time and date of the next meeting or interview).

  • ·Discussing with the hiring manager or recruiter why you changed your mind isn’t always fun, but if you avoid it there’s a good chance your resume will end up in the discard pile automatically next time.

  • Recruiters have a broad network of contacts – ESPECIALLY in a small-city market (like Buffalo, NY) where:

    • A recruiter has a reputation and more importantly an established relationship with not just the candidate – but the hiring manager as well.

    • The recruiter has a relationship with OTHER RECRUITERS.

    • He/she has candidate tracking software that keeps accurate and detailed notes of all communications and transactions between the recruiter and the candidate.

So, yes…this may hurt your chances of getting an opportunity elsewhere.

What’s the right way to cancel an interview?

Hiring managers understand things can change & will appreciate that you extended them the courtesy of letting them know. Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

  • The more notice you can provide, the better, so don’t delay in reaching out.

  • Thank them for their consideration. Let them know that, regretfully, you need to cancel.

  • Provide them with a basic reason: can include accepting a position elsewhere, deciding to remain in your current job, or simply feeling it isn’t the right fit for you at this time.

Usually, the conversation will only last a minute or two, but those few minutes can be critical if you want to preserve your reputation. You don’t want to end up on the “naughty list”. Yes, recruiters and hiring managers keep a list just like Santa does. The impression you make can last a very long time. Besides, if you’re going to treat the recruiter or hiring manager poorly… could that possibly reflect on how you may treat customers in the future?

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