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Lightbulbs and Life-Lessons (Are you ready?)

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

No hay nada mal que por bien no venga #nadamal

So…for a long time…every time I would pass my stove - I would feel uneasy. I would look at that stove (specifically the hood light that would blink and shine dimly) and think…“Damn! ... That is going to cost me (time and money).” You know - just another daily aggravation, like a leaking faucet or a door that doesn't close right.

I (like most working Americans) was busy…very busy! There were the kids, my work, my clients, deadlines, and a perpetual cluster of dog hair on the living room rug. There was never enough time. What was I going to do about the annoying light?

My answer(s):

First… ignore the broken light. And then…when it became unbearable, I bought an additional plug-in LCD light for the outlet over the counter (next to the stove). Great solution right? Sure, I would spend money, but spend no real time to look at the actual problem? That’s how I handled things, because after all…I WAS BUSY.

I told myself that every day... “As soon as I have some time - I AM going to fix this thing.” Well 18 months went by.

I must have been very busy?!


So…then the COVID-19 Pandemic happens!

And Bam!!! I went from “workaholic” to “walk-a-holic” (almost overnight too). So what should I do now?


#1 Focus on the Good!

As they say in Spanish “A mal tiempo, buena cara” – Literally, translated… “to bad weather a good face”. Figuratively speaking this can mean many things. In general…you can always make something good out of something bad. That has been my choice through this. Here is what I did:

Help Someone Else - I started a project to help the unemployed and under-employed. I used this “down time” to create something GOOD. For a while now, I have wanted to be more of a job coach and career strategist and less of high volume recruiter / sourcer. So, I built a website (warning…this is a work-in-progress) in order to compile some FREE tools, templates (resume) and YouTube videos for career help - that I have used in the past to help candidates land new career opportunities:

#2 Fix Broken Stuff!

The Every Day Annoyance - Well…I started a campaign to fix irritating daily problems…you know…the front door that rattles, the perpetually plugged bathtub; and I even cleaned the storm windows (that had not been cleaned for nearly 15 years). You guessed it…I also fixed the stove hood light.

Guess how long it took to fix the light? It took… exactly 20 seconds! Yep, 20 seconds - twenty – and that was not a typo. For 18 months – I had been living with a broken stove hood light. For 18 months - I suffered with the thought of calling an electrician, or dusting off my tools and spending more time and money. The problem (besides me, and my attitude) was the exhaust fan had shaken the lightbulb loose. I only had to screw it in to the socket more tightly. Yep…that was it!!! It now works like brand-new!

# 3 Learn Something New!

Here are a few lessons I have personally learned recently:

1. It is human nature to assume the worst – most of the time it’s not as bad as we think. We are most afraid of what we don’t know (e.g., how much it will cost to bring an electrician in to fix it?)

2. Handle some problems right away, especially when they are an easy fix. If I would have just spent a minute to take off the hood-cover and actually check the light-bulb (a 20 second operation), it could have saved myself 18 months of having to listen to the nagging voice in the back of my head saying “I’ll get to it later…when I have more time.”

3. Do a little each day - sort the pictures, clean your basement…and get your resume and on-line profiles together.

The Take Away – NOW is the TIME:

NOW is the time to update and fix your resume (or stove light) and to create an effective (searchable) on-line career profile. GET READY for the career swap-a-thon that is quickly approaching. Employers will use this time to “trim” dead weight on their teams...and employees will be (and are) using this time to explore the possibility of a new career move.

Let’s be very clear – I will say it again...NOW is the time to get your “career package” together. Out of every bad situation comes something good...if you have the right attitude - and know where to look. Don’t wait 18 months to fix your broken stove light (or #LinkedIn profile). If you are stuck...I can help: .

Because…once we all go back to being too busy…it may be too late.

“No hay nada mal que por bien no venga”

(BONUS - if you tell me what this famous Spanish saying means... in a message below … and connect with me on LinkedIn – you will receive 30 minutes of free career help). / 716-253-6009 office

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