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Tips from an Insider on Your Pre-Interview Process: Are you “Doing the DUE” (Diligence)?

Want to maximize your preparation and performance for your job interview? There are simple, but very key logistics to consider!

Let’s start with this sample email from a job recruiter:

Dear Candidate X,

Thank you for confirming your appointment with the client via email, today at 2pm. Please be sure to wear professional business attire (blouse, button-down shirt, or even a tie if you have one) Also, the lighting and the video interview setting is very important. Make sure to practice and work out all the bugs. If you cannot work technology for the interview today, you may give the interviewer(s) doubt about how you will handle the customer via remote technical support.

Once your interview is completed, follow up with a thank you note via email to the interviewer (mention one REAL thing that was interesting or exciting about the company). Also in that thank you email (if you feel it’s appropriate) you should ask them to connect with you via LinkedIn by copying a link to your profile in the email like this:

Best wishes– and please let me know how it goes when you have finished the interview.

Kind regards,


There are a lot of tips in this email… let’s break it down.

This is all about “Doing the DUE” – your due diligence in preparing for your best interview.

The Easy Checklist:


  1. Send a confirmation that you have received the invitation. If you would like, send a preliminary note via email expressing your gratitude and interest.

  2. Check your interview settings – make sure that your camera is actually level with (or a little higher than your face). Your surroundings should look professional and be well-lit. (Hint – put your light in front of you – but behind your camera… and never interview in front of an open window).

  3. Dress professionally – even when interviewing from your home or school.

  4. Research the company - and the people working in the company. Have something interesting to say… or a great question to ask. If you have connections with people who work at this company…be sure to mention them…AND – ask them if you can use them as a reference (before your interview - if possible). BUILD THAT BRIDGE OF TRUST – and establish a connection (check out the profiles of interviewers).

  5. Say Thank You! …even if the interview went poorly. If it went well – mention something great about the company or the people or the interview…and then ask them to connect with you via LinkedIn. Finish with a line expressing your genuine interest and/or your desire to work there. Finally, ask about expectations or a timeline for making a decision.

One last thing you can add in, if you wish:

  • Follow-up with a note on LinkedIn (if connected) – or just take the time to view the interviewer’s profile on LinkedIn once a week (sort of like “job-stalking”).

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